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Illuminate 2

VB130 4K All-in-one Videobar

Perfect for power users and executive offices

The VB130 is an advanced, compact video bar designed for small to medium collaboration spaces. Be seen in your best light! Adjustable 5-level fill lighting combined with an automatic light sensor provides the perfect amount of light to illuminate your workspace. Elevate your meetings with advanced AI including, audio fencing, voice tracking, and SmartFrame Technology. Maintain a perfectly framed image with SmartFrame and never worry about ambient background noise again with audio fencing.

VB130 classroom

Huddle & Home

CAM130 Compact 4K Camera

Perfect for Remote Work or Travel

Take your meeting anywhere with this compact, 4K USB conference camera with dynamic professional lighting. The CAM130 packs a full suite of features into a simple, portable device. Perfect for traveling and remote team members. Brighten your life with revolutionary & intelligent fill-in lighting. Declutter your desk and eliminate additional bulky light rings or light cubes while allowing for the perfect amount of professional lighting to illuminate your workspace.

CAM 340 Plus

CAM340+ 4K Camera with Mic

Everything you need to work from home

The CAM340+ is a professional, yet affordable conference camera optimized to deliver a stellar meeting experience. Designed for huddle rooms and small rooms, the CAM340+ provides the option of switching between Wide Mode of 120° or Depth Mode of 94°. The CAM340+ gives you the freedom to collaborate anywhere and perfectly frame participants in various huddle room setups. It is compatible with all of your favorite video applications by connecting your desktop or laptop using a single USB cable.


CAM520 Pro2 Conference Camera

Intelligently present every detail with 18X Zoom

Headed back to the office? The AVer CAM520 Pro2 makes meetings a breeze with agile features like 18X total zoom, improved AVer SmartFrame, and Preset Framing. Improved SmartFrame next-generation facial and body detection ensures that everyone is visible on the screen up to 10 meters away, even with masks on. Take your video conferencing experience to the next level with innovative features Sony True WDR, IP video streaming, and a PoE+ port.

VC520 Pro2 Graphic

VC520 Pro2 Enterprise Conference Bundle

Connect, collaborate and contribute effortlessly

The AVer VC520 Pro2 is an industry-leading conferencing camera designed for medium to large conference rooms. Effectively capture audio throughout the entire room with the full duplex microphone array and echo cancellation on the VC520 Pro2. No more crowding around one speakerphone, now you can daisy-chain additional units to pick up voices and deliver crystal-clear sound within a 30ft diameter.

Tracking Cameras

PTZ330/PTZ330N Professional PTZ Camera

Superior video quality and versatility

The PTZ330 PTZ Live Streaming Camera includes 30X optical zoom and full HD resolution for the largest lecture halls or collaboration rooms. Use zone tracking to automatically follow preset content areas. Features 3G-SDI, HDMI, IP, USB connections. The PTZ330N NDI PTZ Live Streaming Camera supports NDI/HX2 and combines USB, SDI and HDMI connections as well as Ethernet/NDI network connectivity for HD video streaming, recording, and broadcasting. The PTZ330N can output HD video and audio while receiving control signal and power over a single connection.

TPTZ310 Professional 12X PTZ Camer

TR311/TR311HN Auto Tracking Camera

Stream live events without a professional camera operator

The AVer TR311/TR311HN AI Auto Tracking cameras open a new world of streaming video to small studios and video producers to classrooms and worship facilities! Includes 12X optical zoom, 2MP camera and full HD resolution. The advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology allows you to track your speaker (full or half body), pre-set shoot zones or hybrid mode so you’re free to present and let the camera do the rest. TR311 features 3G-SDI/HDMI/IP/USB output, PoE+, and Visca control. The TR311HN version supports NDI/HX2 with IP/HDMI/USB output, PoE+ and Visca control. Supports voice tracking with free PTZ Link software and select microphones.


M11-8M USB/HDMI Document Camera

Everything you need for in-class and remote learners

With HDMI and plug and play USB power and connectivity, the M11-8M is ready to share in the classroom or through many popular video conferencing platforms for distance learning.

E36c+Charging Cart

E36c+Charging Cart

The most efficient economical charging cart

The E36c+ is the simple charging cart solution that can store and charge classroom devices without breaking the bank with effortless device management.


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VC Solutions Flyer

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Professional PTZ Cameras

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Video Conference Brochure
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Technology solutions for any meeting space

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Classroom Technology Brochure

Solutions for hybrid or distance learning.

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