Amplify and accelerate your creativity, productivity or entertainment experience with NVIDIA RTX and GeForce graphics cards.

With peerless support and over three decades of experience, PNY delivers high-performance solutions to meet your business needs.

NVIDIA Professional Graphics Boards

From stunning industrial design to advanced special effects or sophisticated scientific visualization, NVIDIA® RTX™ is the world’s preeminent visual computing platform. Trusted by millions of creative and technical professionals to accelerate their workflows, NVIDIA RTX has an advanced ecosystem of hardware, software, utilities and ISV support.

Perform tasks at a fraction of the cost, power consumption and infrastructure required by CPU-based solutions.

Bring real-time ray tracing, AI, advanced graphics and VR capabilities to creative professionals.

From CAD to CAE, digital signage to VR, there is a professional graphics board for every use case and budget.

Get big performance from even the smallest desktop systems with low-profile NVIDIA Quadro graphics boards.

NVIDIA RTX A6000: Performance Amplified

The NVIDIA RTX A6000 delivers everything designers, engineers, and artists need to meet today's demands from their desktop!

NVIDIA GeForce Graphics

PNY offers a full range of GeForce graphics boards from PNY GeForce Blower graphics boards built for system integrators and B2B to the ultimate blazing fast PNY GeForce XLR8 graphics boards with brilliant EPIC-X RGB lighting and overclocked solutions for gaming or streaming.

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NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Cards

For the ultimate gaming experience, NVIDIA GeForce provides smooth frame rates, powerful visuals and stunning next-generation graphics.

Get truly next-gen performance and features with dedicated ray tracing cores and AI-powered DLSS 2.0.

Enjoy up to 10x better performance than integrated graphics in all your PC multimedia applications.

Solid State Drives

High-Performance, Endurance and Reliability

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PNY Solid State Drives

Realize faster boot times, quicker application launches and better overall system performance.

Upgrade to NVMe and realize up to 6 times the performance of SATA SSDs. Do more in less time.

Additional PNY Solutions

Easily transport gigabytes of data with compact PNY USB solutions.

Capture moments with unparalleled clarity using PNY flash memory.

Upgrade your PC and gaming memory to experience peak performance, low latency and power consumption.

Take your gaming to the next level whether you are an enthusiast or casual gamer.

NVIDIA RTX for Data Centers

Meet the most demanding visual computing challenges by bringing the power of NVIDIA RTX GPUs and NVIDIA virtual GPU software to the data center. With advanced technology for AI, real-time ray tracing, and graphics, IT teams can deploy servers capable of a wide range of workloads at a fraction of the cost, space and power requirements of CPU-based solutions.

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EGX Platform

Pro Graphics for Business

Architecture, Engineering and Construction Image

Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)

AEC thought leaders use NVIDIA RTX VR Ready GPUs to optimize design, resolve construction issues and realize immersive virtual reality experiences at scale.

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Designers and engineers depend on NVIDIA RTX professional to accelerate their design and product development workflows.

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Media and Entertainment

As a world leader in artificial intelligence, deep learning, simulation, rendering and real-time technologies for games, VR and AR, NVIDIA professional GPUs continue to propel the future of storytelling.

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Institutions can enhance risk management capabilities, data-backed decisions, security and customer experiences with NVIDIA RTX AI, deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and remote work solutions.

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Artificial Intelligence

Customer services, like Pinterest, use deep learning for image recognition, curating rich custom experiences for its users. Financial businesses like PayPal are using GPU-accelerated deep learning for fraud detection.

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Virtual Reality

Delivering fully immersive VR experiences requires exacting simulation of your environment, including graphics, audio, and behavior. NVIDIA RTX utilizes real-time ray tracing, AI, and advanced VR shading technologies to take VR to a level of realism far beyond what traditional rendering offers.

NVIDIA Pro Graphics for Government and Education



NVIDIA RTX professional graphics products feature the long product lifecycles and availability required by government and defense.



NVIDIA RTX GPU solutions provide the visual and compute performance required for the world’s most sophisticated medical imaging systems.



Researchers, faculty and students require the most advanced tools such as NVIDIA RTX GPU solutions to drive mathematics, sciences, engineering and gaming.


To complement NVIDIA VR-Ready GPUs, PNY is proud to be the exclusive distribution partner for HTC VIVE® PRO SECURE™, a professional-grade VR solution designed for sensitive environments that require Authority To Operate (ATO). It’s a secure setup for serious results.

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About PNY

PNY is NVIDIA’s authorized channel partner for NVIDIA® RTX™ and NVIDIA professional graphics boards across North America. PNY offers a comprehensive line of NVIDIA GeForce® enthusiast and gaming products. PNY is the exclusive distribution partner for the HTC VIVE® PRO Secure™ VR solution.

Partnership with SHI

SHI and PNY combine expertise to help you select the right NVIDIA pro GPU to accelerate your most demanding visualization or compute projects, all within budget. SHI’s experienced sales team will help you select which PNY solution ideally fits your requirements at a competitive cost. Contact SHI 

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