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How do IT Teams Evolve from Reactive to Proactive?

Today’s IT professionals are often fighting an uphill battle as digital transformation accelerates and employees face more complex technological problems than ever before.

And when IT teams are dealing with an endless influx of support tickets, how can they expect to drive innovation and provide a consistently stellar digital employee experience?

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How Do IT Teams Evolve from Reactive to Proactive

Learn how your team can advance
past an outdated reactive strategy and
reap the rewards of proactive IT.

The Proactive IT Handbook

How Today's IT Teams Get Ahead of Tomorrow's Problems

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The Proactive IT Handbook

In this eBook, you’ll hear from companies across the globe who have realized the benefits of proactive IT.

Download the Handbook

The Proactive CIO: managing the employee experience

Sizing Up The Field - Top Tech Vendors in End User Experience Management (EUEM)

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The Proactive CIO

Learn how to stop reacting
and start innovating to improve your
employees’ digital experience in this guide.

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What Happens When IT Puts Employees First?

Learn how five enterprise IT departments use their employees’ digital experiences to drive productivity, engagement and delighted employees.

After reading this eBook, you will know how to:
  • Respond faster and smarter to tech problems that occur in real time.
  • Enact automated, proactive solutions at scale across your endpoints.
  • Apply digital experience scoring and benchmarking for your continuous improvement projects.

Find Out How

Experience Optimization: Overview | Product Demo

Explore Nexthink’s latest Experience Optimization Hub and discover its prioritized, guided process for improving and optimizing digital employee experience.

Nexthink Lands Atop Forrester's Wave Report

Experience Optimization streamlines every stage of the process, enabling you to act efficiently and effectively in delivering an ongoing positive experience for your employees, and a positive impact for your business.

About Nexthink

Nexthink is the leader in digital employee experience management software. Giving IT leaders unprecedented insight into employees’ daily experiences with technology at the device level – freeing IT to progress from reactive problem-solving to proactive optimization.

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Nexthink helps customers measure, manage and continuously improve their employees' digital experience. By providing visibility into the experience of the end user, regardless of their location, Nexthink enables IT to transition from a reactive model to a proactive model. Contact SHI 

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