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The Fastest Route to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

SASE represents the best way to achieve a direct-to-cloud architecture, its speed without compromising security.

Benefits of SASE

Lower costs and complexity

Network Security as a Service should come from a single vendor. Consolidating vendors and technology stacks should reduce cost and complexity.


Enable new digital business scenarios (apps, services, APIs), and data shareable to partners and contractors with less risk exposure.

Better performance/latency

Latency-optimized routing.

Ease of use/transparency

Fewer agents per device; less agent and app bloat; consistent application experience anywhere, any device. Less operational overhead by updating for new threats and policies without new HW or SW; quicker adoption of new capabilities.

Enable ZTNA

Network access based on identity of user, device, application – not IP address or physical location for seamless protection on and off the network; end-to-end encryption. Extended to endpoint with public Wi-Fi protection by tunneling to the nearest Point of Presence (POP).

More effective network and network security staff

Shift to strategic projects like mapping business, regulatory, and application access requirements to SASE capabilities.

Centralized policy with local enforcement

Cloud-based centralized management with distributed enforcement and decision making.

MVISION Unified Cloud Edge

MVISION UCE enables consistent data and threat protection controls from device to cloud. It begins with three core technologies converged into a single solution: Cloud access security broker (CASB), Secure web gateway (SWG) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

MVISION Unified Cloud Edge
MVISION Unified Cloud Edge

Protect data from device-to-cloud and prevent cloud-native threats invisible to the corporate network.

2021 Stratus Award Winners
MVISION UCE, recipient of Stratus Award for Cloud Computing

MVISION Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP)

MVISION CNAPP is the industry’s first single platform to effectively prioritize and defend against cloud threats and vulnerabilities by combining granular application and data context with CSPM and CWPP protections.

Securing Cloud Native Applications with MVISION CNAPP
Securing Cloud Native Applications with MVISION CNAPP

A comprehensive, automated and frictionless architecture to secure an enterprise cloud native application ecosystem.

CRN's 2021 Tech Innovator Award
McAfee Enterprise Named a Finalist for CRN's 2021 Tech Innovator Award

MVISION Private Access

The industry’s first data-aware Zero Trust Network Access solution that secures access to private applications from any location and device and controls data collaboration with integrated data loss prevention.

MVISION Private Access
MVISION Private Access

Private Access converges with MVISION UCE with the best-in-class, integrated, and cloud-delivered security solution for accelerated SASE deployments.

ZTNA Overview

The Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) program launched the Open ZeroTrust ecosystem to allow customers the freedom to choose their ZeroTrust partner.

Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway

The cloud-native web security solution that connects and secures your workforce – from anywhere, any application, and any device.

Next-Gen Web Gateway
Intelligent, Hyper-Scale Next-Gen Secure Web Gateway Platform for SASE

Simplify the implementation of SASE architecture and accelerate secure cloud adoption.

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