Case Study:

Global Market Research Firm Vacates Data Center and Migrates into AWS in Three Weeks

SHI replicates infrastructure and migrates data into AWS


Customer Profile

A provider of survey programming and reporting tools, and a designer and developer of marketing software.


The customer needed to quickly vacate their data center due to uncertainty around Brexit, including any potential data sovereignty issues.


ITAM and Licensing
Data Center

SHI Architects replicated their infrastructure and migrated into AWS in less than three business weeks. SHI was also able to reduce their costs by replacing core functions of their environment with AWS native services.


  • Rapid migration into AWS ahead of Brexit schedule
  • Reduced administration through PaaS services
  • Cost savings through adoption of cloud native services


AWS CloudEndure Meraki


With the emergence of litigation around data sovereignty and the looming threat of unknown ramifications due to Brexit, the customer needed to vacate their London data center as fast as possible. They turned to SHI for help in designing and executing a plan to move their infrastructure into AWS accurately and rapidly.


SHI’s AWS Architects designed and implemented a solution to migrate SQL workloads, a homegrown video transcoding pipeline, video editing stations, and web application servers to AWS in a timely fashion. SHI bridged the connection between their existing data centers and their AWS environment while reducing their overall costs and administrative overhead through PaaS adoption.

To meet the time constraints of the customer and to preserve the integrity of their systems, SHI positioned CloudEndure for the migration. CloudEndure was chosen for its ability to continuously replicate customer systems to a low-cost staging area in the customer’s target environment.

CloudEndure offers fast, painless, and synchronous replication along with the ability to utilize Blueprints to orchestrate infrastructure deployments. As a SaaS based tool, administration of CloudEndure is as simple as deploying agents to source machines and configuring Blueprints within the CloudEndure portal.

To assist in bridging the connection between existing data centers and the customer’s AWS environment, SHI positioned Meraki’s VMX100 appliance. VMX100 allowed the customer to seamlessly test systems in their new environment while providing a consistent landscape, as their on-premises devices were also Meraki devices.

SHI reduced to customer’s overall costs by replacing their existing load-balancing solution with AWS Application Load Balancers and their existing security event logging platform with intelligent threat detection via AWS GuardDuty. As PaaS offerings, these changes not only offered effortless integration with their cloud environment and reduced administrative overhead, but they also saved on otherwise expensive licensing.

SHI worked alongside the customer throughout the migration to make sure that any architectural considerations of their current environment, along with any regulatory requirements, were considered and met. Among these requirements was a need for imaging machines on a regular cadence. SHI architects implemented a solution utilizing Lambda and CloudWatch to image machines tagged with certain values on a customer-defined schedule.

Employing FaaS (function as a service) services like Lambda – which offers a 400,000 GB-seconds of execution for free each month – allowed SHI’s architects to provide an automated solution with a virtually-free operating cost to the customer. Using CloudWatch allowed consistency as the Lambda function is triggered on a regular basis through Cron notation. This afforded the customer peace of mind knowing their systems are completely backed up within their predefined schedule.

In the end, SHI assisted the customer with:

  • Rapid Migration to AWS
  • Replatforming of components to AWS native solutions
  • Saving costs through PaaS adoption
  • Consistency and automation through FaaS adoption


AWS adoption allowed the customer to take advantage of AWS’ many services, and helped them save on licensing and IaaS costs, reduce administrative overhead, and seamlessly integrate the newly implemented offerings into their current processes and systems.

Rapidly migrating in a synchronous manner allowed the customer to adopt cloud on their terms and with little to no interruption. The move to AWS abstracted their infrastructure away from the ramifications of global or national change. The entire migration from their existing data center to an AWS production-ready environment occurred in less than 20 business days!