Case Study:

Court Reporting Services Provider Matures Cloud Practice with AWS Well-Architected Review

SHI performs Well-Architected Review and improves customer security posture


Customer Profile

A court reporting company with over 25 years’ experience supporting the largest cases in the world.


The customer wanted to audit their cloud environment and mature their cloud practice.


ITAM and Licensing
Data Center

SHI Architects performed a Well-Architected Review and follow-up remediation of their AWS environment.


  • Enablement around the AWS platform
  • Improved security posture
  • Maturation of cloud practice
  • Increased durability and availability of backups




The customer wanted to mature their cloud practice. They had an environment that had grown organically and sought to conduct a gap analysis on the current state vs that of the leading architectural paradigms and principles. Knowing SHI was a Well-Architected Partner, the customer reached out to SHI for assistance.


SHI Architects met with the customer to perform a Well-Architected Review over the course of two (2) hosted sessions. To supplement any interviews, a CIS benchmarking tool was deployed against their environment to programmatically audit for common vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Following the review, a findings document and roadmap to remediation was presented to the customer. The findings document relayed specific recommendations to remediate problem areas as well as supporting documentation from AWS. After presenting the findings document, a schedule was laid out for SHI-led, collaborative working sessions to address remediation and provide enablement.

SHI was able to improve the customer’s security posture by heavily auditing their environment through benchmarking tools and audits. SHI’s architects worked with the customer to devise a solution utilizing EBS Lifecycle Manager to automate the backup of EBS volumes and customize retention of snapshots. This allowed the customer to greatly increase the durability and availability of backups while decreasing their overall administrative efforts.


Undergoing an SHI-led Well-Architected Review allowed the customer to see the gaps in their cloud practice and environment. This engagement provided an actionable roadmap and a bucket of remediation hours to address issues uncovered through the review. Going through the findings with an SHI architect helped the customer understand not just how to remediate their environment, but why these architectural principals are so important. The Well-Architected Review granted the customer the ability to architect future environments that align with best practices.