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Our SHI One Management Platform gives everyone on your team, from procurement to C-Suite, a centralized portal to track, manage and support all your public clouds, and track status and results of SHI services and your warehouse inventory.

Spend less time struggling with reports, management and support, and more time on the strategic initiatives driving your business forward.

Multi-cloud, service and inventory management - all in one place.

Cloud Management

Manage your multi-cloud strategy differently and efficiently with a single dashboard giving you insight into your multiple platforms, costs, consumptions and more with SHI One. With benefits like customized visibility for different teams, self-service capabilities, multiple reports and analytics, your multi-cloud strategy will be taken to the next level to become more effective and streamlined than ever before.

Visibility and Tracking

Access detailed analytics and export reports across all your major public clouds, including Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Microsoft Office 365. Enhance your teams with visibility across IT projects, cloud consumption, licensing and services.

Optimize Spending

Cut waste and ensure that every cloud investment is worthwhile with a 360-degree view of cloud usage. Proactive recommendations from SHI's cloud experts will help you determine when and where cost optimizing opportunities are on your cloud journey.

Secure Shared Access

Securely manage identity and access with single sign-on, native Azure AD integration and granular role-based controls. Share or remove access and visibility as needed without any risk.

Self-Service Capabilities

Streamline the support process with access to self-service capabilities and expedited ticket features. Customize user management capabilities and more.

Flexible Service Agreement

Access your current usage, purchase history and remaining contract value of your Flexible Service Agreement with the ability to submit additional requests directly as needed.

Governance Support

Utilize SHI One's insights and practices to simplify your cloud governance.

Services Management

Whether you are checking on the progress of a service, the health of an IT project or reviewing completed projects, everything will be reflected in SHI One for you and your team members to access whenever you need it.

Professional Services

View the status and results of your SHI professional services within the SHI One platform.

Track IT Projects

Monitor the health of your ongoing IT projects quickly.

Inventory Management

SHI One tracks all your SHI warehouse inventory and integration center configurations to streamline your processes, and track orders and availability in one place with real time updates.

Inventory Tracking

Sort inventory by account, inventory and manufacturer, with data that is updated hourly and shipping information in real time estimates.

Configuration Visibility

Track the status of configurations in SHI's Integration Center.

Contact your dedicated SHI Account Team to start streamlining the management of your cloud environment today, or contact us here!

Video Transcript: SHI One

SHI One is transforming the way you interact with SHI’s services.

Today, you can access SHI One from anywhere in the world, on any device, to check on your public clouds, manage your SHI-delivered services and even manage your available IT inventory.

Access detailed analytics across all your major public clouds including Microsoft Azure, AWS and Microsoft Office 365. Save on costs with recommendations from your SHI resources and a 360-degree view of your usage.

Save time with self-service capabilities. Check the status and results of your services and monitor the health of ongoing IT projects.

While you're there, take a look at SHI's warehouse capabilities, see available inventory and even track the status of your configurations with real time shipping information - all in one place.

And that’s just the beginning, there’s much more to come.

SHI One is available to all SHI customers so speak to your account executive today about how you can start transforming with SHI One.