The Best Tools to Enable Secure Remote Collaboration

Zero Trust Assessment

How does your organization stack up? Take our Zero Trust Assessment

This free tool will help you assess where your organization is on the path to identity and access management security, to ensure your hybrid workforce is protected. We’ll also share a personalized roadmap to help you progress on your journey to Zero Trust security, and let you know how you stack up against your peers.

Okta Single Sign-On

The World Has Changed. Okta is Your Modern, Agile Single Sign-on Solution.

Reliable single sign-on service that integrates with all your web and mobile apps. An SSO application with a full-featured federation engine and flexible access policy.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure multi-factor authentication solution because 80% of security breaches involve compromised passwords.

Whether you're looking for a two-factor authentication solution to meet compliance targets, or building a full MFA security framework, Okta is the adaptive multi-factor authentication vendor that has you covered.

Passwordless Authentication

Move Beyond Passwords

Eliminate the risk of credential attacks and deliver a delightful user experience using passwordless authentication.

Move Beyond Passwords PDF
Move Beyond Passwords

In this whitepaper, Okta explores the case for going passwordless for both customer and employee authentication, and map out steps that organizations can take on their journey to true password less authentication.

Lifecycle Management 101

Automate all lifecycles with any business process for external and internal users.

Is managing your users' lifecycles challenging? Do you rely on scripts, manual processes and tickets? In this session we cover the basics of lifecycle management and discuss pertinent features in the Okta Lifecycle Management product. Specifically, we address how to integrate authoritative sources and automate onboarding/offboarding. We'll show a demo of Lifecycle Management and hear from Merz Pharma about how they use the technology.

Four Common Stages of Lifecycle Management Maturity

Okta found that their most successful customers tend to incrementally modernize identity processes in a staged manner, over time. In this way, rather than trying to configure every possible lifecycle management feature all at once, you can quickly realize initial time savings and achieve fast ROI. In this infographic you will learn about the four primary areas of Lifecycle Management (LCM) that often confound IT and security teams: managing identity data, identity lifecycle processes, access grants, and audits and compliance.

LCM Maturity Curve Infographic Image
What is CIAM?
Four Common Stages of Lifecycle Maturity

A framework of best practices, recommendations and reachable goals.

Ready to learn more? Contact SHI.

Advanced Server Access

Automate identity and access management across dynamic server fleets at any scale

With operations more automated than ever, the pace of innovation keeps accelerating. But as the infrastructure landscape changes, the security landscape changes too.

Access Gateway

Secure access to on-prem apps and protect your hybrid cloud – without changing how your apps work today.

Securely connecting users to on-prem applications isn’t a new problem—but legacy SSO, MFA, and WAM solutions can’t keep up with the complexities of hybrid IT environments.

About Okta

Okta is the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise. The Okta Identity Cloud connects and protects many of the world's largest enterprises.

Partnership with SHI

SHI, an Elite Partner for Okta. SHI has a complete identity practice, and partners with Okta to provide identity solutions for all customers. Okta is the world’s most secure and reliable identity product and has the vision to enable any organization to use any technology. Contact SHI 

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